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There are more than 400 stores spread throughout Brazil.

Good lender and Good Finance partnership

Good lender and Good Finance partnership

Check it out, how easy it is to simulate your credit:

  1. Important: Put your Personal Payday and professional data, include image of documents and photo (important to put all your real data, because the information is only for the evaluation of your credit. you may be asked to confirm your registration).
  2. Your credit will be reviewed and if your registration is approved, you will be informed of the terms of the loan over the phone.
  3. If you like the conditions, you can go to one of the indicated stores to deliver your document and sign the contract of your loan!
  4. Ready. If everything went well, we will be very happy along with you, as we help you to get your desired loan!

Advantages of Good lender Personal Payday Credit

Advantages of Good lender Personal Payday Credit

An agile and easy solution for you to achieve your goals:

  • Personal Payday credit of up to R $ 5,000.00 *;
  • Cash on time, if approved;
  • Installment in up to 15 times in the carnet;
  • First maturity in up to 45 days;
  • Direct payment at Good lender or through the banking network;
  • And, for your safety, you can count on Personal Payday Credit Insurance (Lender Insurance). It covers up to six installments of up to R $ 200.00 in case of involuntary unemployment, disability or death.



  • Except Good lender Lingerie stores. Personal Payday Credit is a product of Sax SA (CNPJ 07.747.410 / 0001-40), offered by its banking correspondent Good lender Lojas SA (CNPJ 61,189,288 / 0001-89). The granting of the loan / financing is conditional on the analysis of the profile and cadastral situation of the interested party.
  • Go to the Customer Service Department and see available loan options, charge amounts, payment terms, registration fees and general conditions or the simulation to verify the Total Effective Cost of the operation. Availability of up to R $ 5,000.00 in cash and / or credit in account. SAC 4004-2211 (capitals and metropolitan regions) or 0800-728-1122 (other locations). Sax Financial Ombudsman Hearing Deficient 0800-727-7320 and Sax Financial Ombudsman 0800-723-2399, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The granting of Personal Payday credit is subject to credit analysis. “

Documents required to apply for the loan

Documents required to apply for the loan

To request the credit are necessary:

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • proof of income;
  • proof of address.





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